Your Kitchen Farmacy was created by Cat Maida: lover of world-traveling & the plant kingdom, mama of two, sustainable lifestyle coach and passionate kitchen farmacy educator.

  • Simple Techniques You Can Implement Yourself to Easily Transform Your Kitchen Into Your Kitchen FARMacy
  • Take Back Your Power By Growing Your Own Food And Medicine With Minimal Supplies, Time and Money
  • The Transformation Of Your Kitchen Transforms Your Health Which Transforms Your Life
  • Reclaiming The Art of Using Herbs In Our Daily Food Routines
  • Developing A Deeper Understanding Of The Relationship Between What We Eat And Our Wellness
  • Avoid The Chemicals Found In Much Of Your Food and Medicine
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Save Money
  • Nurture your relationship with the earth 
  • Have fun!

Experience the regeneration of your body at a cellular level with the peace of mind knowing where you’re food and medicine is coming from...YOU!

A Word from Cat

I am passionate about supporting others in creating sustainable kitchen farmacies. I’ve designed an efficient method of simplifying healthy living to uplift the experience of health in your home.

My wellness journey was immediately focused on the sudden passing of my husband when our children were five and seven. It was soul crushing and I was forced into the corporate world by sheer necessity. I found myself with limited time and definitely, limited finances! Despite feelings of despair, I was determined to feed my family healthy, unprocessed, quality food. I know what it feels like to be so broke it hurts. I also know what it's like to compromise and choose easy over what’s best for myself and my family.

As I realized that I was taking the easy way out, I began teaching my children and myself how to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and create probiotic-rich foods. I wanted to honor the ancient wisdom that I learned from the women in my family when we lived for many years in South America. It was during this time period that I experienced the kitchen as the heart of the home.

Outside the kitchen door was a kitchen garden hosting the culinary and medicinal herbs used in the family cooking and curative uses. The walkway up to the front door was lined with lavender. Imagine the intoxicating aroma as the lavender brushed up against my legs! To this day, when I smell lavender, I go straight to that walkway at Tia Anita's house.  There were hanging flowers, drying orange rinds and apple peels hanging from a string over the kitchen sink. Spices and herbs were ground in the big mortar and pestle, secret sauces were created, magical tinctures and poultices blended...all took place in the kitchen.

I wanted to bring that back to the children and I.  I wanted to go back to our roots and so I began implementing these sacred ways into our lifestyle.  

I created a method to quickly, efficiently and economically provide organic, nutrient dense and probiotic rich food and use-what-you-have healing secrets on a daily basis in our home. As a result, I discovered Your Kitchen Farmacy.

From these humble roots sprang a passion for sharing simple, effective ways for people to intelligently nourish themselves in mind, body and soul and enjoy themselves in the process.

Why do grocery store to table when you can go from your garden to kitchen to table and! medicine chest?

I am passionate about bringing nutritionally dense food and simple, effective and safe natural remedies to your home and invite you to join me on this journey.