Healthy Living...It's A Lifestyle Choice

Your Kitchen Farmacy is the resource for plant-sourced kitchen medicine to cultivate and uplift body, mind & conscious living.

YKF represents a holistic lifestyle that goes far beyond eating healthy and growing your food. It’s going back to our ancestral roots of our Great-Great Grandmothers and their Mothers' Mothers. It’s transforming the kitchen into the heart of our home and the natural farmacy that it has always been.

We believe that knowledge is power and invite you to explore and expand your options on how to care for yourself and your family.  There is a  treasure chest of powerful natural ingredients available for our benefit waiting to be discovered. We believe that a sustainable, healthy lifestyle is our best health insurance.

As Hippocrates said, “Those who think they have not the time for healthy eating and active living will sooner or later have to find time for illness and disease.”

We welcome you to explore healthy living simplified.  Empower yourself with easy, healthy living tips and DIY Kitchen Medicine. Take back control of your health and transform your kitchen into Your Kitchen Farmacy.



Learn & Grow!

 As the world keeps changing, many of us want to live lives that are simpler and more resourceful.  We want to make conscious choices that reflect living a healthier lifestyle.

Your Kitchen FARMacy is about learning traditional ways that empower us to live more in sync with nature, even in an urban setting.  Food is medicine and here you'll find fun, resourceful tips and DIY projects that introduce you to new ways or expands on what you already know.

It's simple, fun and empowering to transform your kitchen into your own kitchen farmacy!

Explore traditional methods for preparing nutrient dense food and simple medicinal remedies in your kitchen, starting with what you already have.   YKF is about discovering how easy it is to transform your health with easy tips and DIY projects to live a sustainable, healthy (LIFE)style while having fun!